a photo booth for lasting memories

I watched an article on the television recently about a couple who have been together for 15 years who take a photo in a photo booth each year and add it to a collection and I thought to myself what a nice idea. When it started they had only recently met, and now they have 2 children and the photo booth is a little more crowded.

But that is what photos and a photo booth can do – provide lifelong memories for the people in the booth – so what better way to capture the day at your wedding that by employing a photo booth hire company to attend. Not only will you get copies of the pictures – but so will your guests, meaning that both you and them getting a fantastic lasting momento of the occasion.

Once your guests get inside the booth they will let their hair down and be themselves – it really is a great way to capture the day.

A professional photo booth company should be able to provide props and costume items to add to the fun for your guests – and photo booths are not just for weddings. They are great for all kinds of celebrations as well as work Christmas parties.

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