Can you hold a wedding in a marquee in the Autumn?

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, the leaves changing colour and then falling, crisp air and blue skies, but is it possible to hold a wedding in a marquee at this time of year?

We believe it is the perfect time of year for a marquee wedding!  Why be indoors when nature is giving us such a spectacular treat to behold to add to the beauty of your big day?

The seasons are changing and with the unpredictability of all our seasons,  is there really more of a risk of rain during September and October than there is in July or August?

The one thing we can rely on in the autumn is the earlier sunsets and the nights drawing in but with the addition of some pretty fairy lights or festoon lighting, this can only add to the atmosphere and differentiate between the wedding day and night festivities.  You can also take full advantage of the earlier evenings and put on a fireworks display for your guests, without having to wait until 10pm.  Visit to find fireworks companies in your local area.

Many marquee companies can provide heating for inside the marquee to keep it nice and warm, especially as it is more likely to get cool in the evenings event if you have a nice warm day.  If people do stay inside the marquee in the evening, this can actually be a an added bonus as in  peak summer, you tend to get half the people staying outside which can cause a bit of a disjointed feel to the party.   If you do want to make it more comfortable for people to stay outside later into the evening, you could hire a firepit to keep people toasty – and even provide some marshmallows to roast!

You can  also take inspiration from the beautiful changing colours to come up with your theme or floral decorations, using autumnal colours you can create stunning rustic style weddings or create something very classic and stylish.

To get quotes for your autumn marquee wedding, visit for loads of local marquee hire companies in your area.

Image by Tattie Rose Flowers

tattie rose

This gorgeous autumnal image is courtesy of @westcountrymarquees find them on  @marqueehireguide.

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