Choosing the right first dance song

When planning a wedding there are loads and loads of things you need to think about – from choosing the venue or marquee company, the caterers and the wedding dress – to who you sit with who at dinner and what time you have your ceremony.

With so much to think about, it is no wonder that so many people take more than a year to plan their special day.

One thing that is probably left until quite late is the choice of song for the first dance – if you are having a first dance that is.

For some couples, it is an obvious choice – “their song” – a song that has a special significance to them was always going to be the first song they danced to after exchanging their vows. But it is important to think about this song and what it will actually be like to dance to it in front of all of your guests.

first dance

For some brides – being the centre of attention with all of the guests in a circle around them is what the day is all about – but for others, this is not something they are looking forward to. Whether you are a natural dancer or someone who stands on the side at a disco, is likely to be a factor in whether you enjoy or dread the first dance. A little bit like giving a speech when you don’t naturally enjoy public speaking – the first dance can be something that the groom (and the bride) are dreading – but, just like a speech – you have to remember that everyone at the wedding is there to celebrate with you – and no-one is going to remember if you have two left feet and stumble around for 3 or 4 minutes.

One of the first choices is whether you go for a “slowy” or something a bit more up tempo. It is worth bearing in mind that if you go with a “slowy” you won’t have the opportunity to move around as much – and you sort of spend 3 or 4 minutes with a circle of people watching the two of you hug! A dancey number could be a better option as it allows you to move around and will also most likely get the other guests in the mood to start dancing – and possibly join in before the end of the song, if this is something that you want.

Think carefully about the length of the song – some songs are longer than you think, for example the huge early 1990’s hit “everything I do, I do it for you” is around about 6 ½ minutes long – that is quote a long dance with a group of people watching.

Whichever song you choose, have a practice before the day – it will be a fun thing to do during the planning. And it is worth remembering – that the first dance is one of the only times the two of you are likely to be together, “alone” during the day.

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