Christmas Dinner Planning

It is that time of the year again, Christmas lights are starting to appear, the John Lewis Christmas advert has already been on TV for a month and Iceland have started to promote their frozen Christmas food range. December must be around the corner!

From a personal point of view, you may have already started your Christmas shopping, decided for sure where the tree is going to go this year and confirmed with all of your guests that they are ok that you won’t be serving turkey this year.

But one thing you may not have quite worked out yet is where is everyone going to sit, and for that matter what are they going to sit on? Christmas is a time of great celebration – people getting together – eating, drinking and being merry. But you may have been a bit hasty inviting everyone to your place this year. But fear not, we at marquee hire guide .com have a solution for your lack of space / furniture / crockery / cutlery / cooking ability – hire it all in!

You can hire in a small marquee for extra space, furniture for your guests to sit on / at, crockery and cutlery so you don’t have to pour gravy straight on to the table, and even someone to do the cooking for you.

merry Christmas
No obligation quotes for all of these things and more are available by clicking on our home page – choosing the service you want a quote for – and clicking on the “make an enquiry” button.

Why wait – click here to make enquiries today.

Make your Christmas hassle free – make it a marquee hire guide Christmas!

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