Why Clearspan Marquees are so durable and perfect for any event

Tectonics UK are one of the leading manufacturers of clearspan marquees – and using their “Multispan” product as an example, we can see why modern marquees are ideal for any event.

Multispans are made from 3m long bays which means they can be any size as long as it is in multiples of 3m and therefore are able to suit almost any event.  They can also be adapted to create a unique look; for example, incorporating a curved roof, high tip ends, peaked roof or a bell shape on one end.   Clearspan Marquees can also be split up with internal walls/linings meaning the product is extremely flexible in its usage. They can even be linked to buildings with integrated walkways meaning they are perfect for any time of year.

Multispan covers are made from the highest quality 650g/m² PVC which are available in a range of colours making it versatile as well as practical and walls can be made with or without windows.  The roofs can either be tensioned with cord and hooks or with bars using a steel tension rail.  Either method will provide strength and durability depending on your needs.  You can also get perfectly level flooring, made to measure for clearspan marquees.

Multispan frames are made from high-grade 4-channel aluminium extrusions with galvanised steel connections which means they are extra strong and durable and have a much longer lifespan than other marquees and structures.

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