Don’t Leave It Too Late!

A big celebration in the form of a summer event in a marquee or outside environment is something that people look forward to for months – be it a wedding or an anniversary event, a birthday celebration or a festival – and with expectation comes the need for organisation and planning.

With that in mind, you should remember that even with the additional day in February this year, March will still be upon next week. This means spring is around the corner (hooray) and summer won’t be far behind!

This time of year, event hire companies are filling up their books with “last minute” bookings for the summer months – if their books aren’t already full on some weekends – and because of this – you really need to get your finger out and get enquiring!!


The last thing you want to do is tell everyone you are going to invite, what sort of party you are going to have, only to not be able to get the suppliers you need to create the event you have in your mind’s eye.

And that is where we come in. You can find everything you want and need for the perfect summer celebration on – as well as local suppliers and an easy to use quote gaining system.

So why wait! Don’t delay – start making enquiries today!

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