FAQ When Booking a Fireworks Display

Bonfire night is less than 3 months away so make sure you book your fireworks displays in now as they will all get booked up very soon!  For loads of fireworks companies in your local area visit www.marqueehireguide.com

To make booking that little bit easier, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions to consider when making a booking.  These will be helpful to you whether you are organising a large scale event for the general public, or a small private celebration. 

Should I use a professional fireworks display company?

To ensure you will be getting a good quality, safe and properly insured fireworks display we advise that you use a professional company, and check that  they are a member of the BPA – British Pyrotechnics Association before making a booking.  If they are a member of the BPA, you will be in safe hands in terms of licences, insurance and training.  They will also have the experience and skills to ensure you are getting a quality display for your event.   All professional fireworks companies must have public liability insurance.  It is always better to ask for a copy of their certificate at the time of booking.   If you are an event organiser you must also have your own insurance policy to cover any other activities taking place at the event.

How much does a fireworks display cost?

This varies significantly but as a starting point, you should budget no less than around £600 for a 5 minute display.   The 2 main factors that will determine the cost are; the number of people attending and how impressive you want the fireworks display to be.  In a nutshell; the more you spend, the bigger and more draw-dropping your display will be.

How long should my firework display last?

This is often less time than you would imagine.  Although you can have a display last as long as you want it to, we would advise you fit more into a shorter display than stretching it out to last longer.

As a rough guide, these are our recommended times;

Weddings, Private parties, Corporate events – around  5 to 7 minutes

Bonfire night, Diwali, Chinese New Year – around 15 to 20 minutes

Christmas Lights, New Year’s Eve – around 3 to 5 minutes

How do I make sure the display is as impressive as possible?

The more fireworks that are available, the more impressive your display will be – it is better to have more over a shorter time than fewer spaced out.

Should I ask for the firework display to be choreographed to music?

If  at all possible  - yes! This can really add to the impact of the display and make the occasion more enjoyable for the audience.

How late are we allowed to have our fireworks display?

Legally you can only have a firework display until to 11.00pm although It is generally thought that a 10pm cut off is more socially acceptable.   The 11pm cut off applies all year with the exception of New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year when they are allowed until 1.00am.  It is always good practise to inform any neighbours of the time and date of the display so they can make any necessary preparations.

What is the safety distance for a fireworks display?

This will vary and your company will offer advice on this but as a rough idea,  the fireworks firing site should be at least 50 metres from the audience, with 100 meters of sterile ground behind the firing site for the fall out.

What happens if we experience bad weather conditions?

Lots of weather conditions can affect your fireworks display, strong winds, low cloud or fog are the key weather conditions that adversely affect a fireworks display. If there are very strong winds, especially blowing towards the audience the display will have to be cancelled.  With low cloud or fog, your  fireworks display can still go ahead, but it may be more difficult to see the whole of the display.  Check the terms of your booking to see if you will  need to pay if the event is cancelled due to bad weather.

Image Courtesy of Blaze fireworks, Photography by Sarah and Paul Photography UK



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