How to Build a Marquee Tent

If you’re looking to hire a marquee for your next event or special occasion, then you might be interested in how the structure is constructed to meet your specifications.

Want to Know How to Build a Marquee Tent?

The process can be complex and requires knowledge and experience. For example, we carry out a risk assessment before putting up your marquee so that we can be sure all health and safety procedures are followed. This is the first step.

The second step is to assess the foundation. When considering how to build a marquee tent, the team will work out whether pin holes need to be drilled into the surface to ensure the structural integrity of the marquee and to prevent any high winds or trips inside from posing a problem! They will then bring all of the marquee parts to the site and organise them to install in sequence.

Stage three is the build and the process of building a marquee is much like constructing a huge tent! Poles and canvas skins are used to build the marquee according to your specification, and sometimes ballast weights are added if the surface isn’t a pinnable one – for example, a cobbled area or paving slabs. The framework is first added and clipped into place – often made with aluminium linking poles – and then the canvas skin will be placed over the top using access equipment and ropes.

Stage four is to safety check everything and ensure that rain cannot enter the structure and that doorways and guide ropes are secure.

Useful Things to Know

Many of our customers choose to have their events on lawns, and that can make things easier when our team is planning how to build a marquee tent, but the initial assessment will confirm what is possible. Rest assured, it is possible to put a marquee up on most flat surfaces.

Sometimes marquees are even booked for days when the weather is likely to get cold, and your company will need to install heaters when there is snow whirling around! This is just a taster of the things that your marquee team needs to plan for when assessing how to build a marquee tent, along with access points, lighting, bars, tables and more.

Ready to find out more?

We are a one-stop shop and marquees from our providers suit all budgets, needs and group sizes. Our tried and tested providers can supply all of the extras that you need for an excellent event or party. Every marquee rental is bespoke to the group booking and we are pleased to put together quotes based on your exact needs.

To find out more or to have a chat about how marquees could help to make your next special occasion a success, please feel free to get in touch or make an enquiry today.

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