keeping your cool when a heatwave ‘crashes’ your wedding

I don’t know if I should say ‘luckily’ or ‘unluckily’ we don’t have many days throughout the summer where temperatures reach the mid thirties but they do happen…
And the chances are if you are getting married yourselves this summer you will have most likely spent more time planning for the possibility of torrential rain than you have for a heat wave!

So a few tips for battling the heat at a wedding;

1 Provide guests with chilled bottles of water for the ceremony, especially if you are getting married outside, ushers could hand these out as guests are taking their seats. You could also fill some buckets with ice and have bottles of water available as guests are leaving the ceremony.
2 If you are not too worried too much about standing on ceremony, notify guests in advance that they are not required to wear suit jackets, not the ideal attire during a heat wave!
3 You will no doubt have planned to hand out champagne or cocktails after the ceremony but don’t forget that during a heat wave, you will also need to provide plenty of alcohol free drinks to keep everyone hydrated. How about a nice cool summer alcohol free cocktail or some refreshing cloudy lemonade?
4 How about booking an ice cream van for your big day? This could either be in place of desert or straight after the ceremony to keep guests cool – this is sure to be a guaranteed hit with the kids!
5 Ask your mobile bar company about frozen cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
6 Just In case your guests forget to bring their own, have a supply of sun cream, hats and parasols, available to protect people from the sun. A small supply of hair ties and baby wipes in the loos might also be useful for the ladies to freshen up or get long hair out of the way!
7 Provide adequate shade – a stretch tent or gazebo situated on the lawn would be ideal to keep the sun at bay but allow for a cool breeze.
8 Ventilation – If your wedding breakfast is taking place in a marquee, ensure the windows, doors and marquee sides are open, ideally you want to create a breeze through the middle.
9 Fans – how about buying some hand held fans for guests to use either during the ceremony or drinks reception? If power is available, large free standing fans would be useful during the wedding breakfast.

10 and finally.. relax and enjoy your day, at least it isn’t raining!!

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