Marquees for Festivals and Festival themed weddings


We are fast approaching festival season which means music, muddy fields, a few drinks in the sunshine (or pouring rain knowing the British summertime…) it’s an exciting time for everyone  – whatever age you are or music you are into, there are so many festivals popping up around the country, there is something to suit us all.  It’s also a busy time for marquee companies!  We often think about wedding season being the bread and butter of the marquee industry but with new festivals, big and small happening in just about every corner of the UK, marquee companies have recently got a whole new focus for the summer.


With the weather being so unpredictable in this country, marquees are essential, either for shelter from the rain or shade from the sun.  It could be a huge big top to house the main stage and thousands of music lovers, or smaller marquees for more intimate performances.  Not only do they provide shelter from the elements, they are also an ideal way of creating sound barriers between stages, there could be a main stage with a live band playing at the same time as a disco is taking place on the other side of a field so it’s a marquee is an ideal way to prevent sound clashes.  Stretch tents create great areas of shelter or shade without losing the feeling of being outdoors.   There might also be various bars and refreshment areas which can be housed in different types of tents, for example, a large marquee for the main bar but small tipis work great for a prosecco or cocktail bar.

Festival weddings have become a massive trend in recent years, all you need is a field, some music, a bar, a few tents and some fairy lights or festival flags and you’ve got yourself the perfect setting for a wedding party! (Oh, but please don’t forget the portable toilets, generators and other less glamorous essentials…!)  Small tipis are great for glamping in style at a festival wedding, check out the ‘alternative tent’ section on for more ideas.


Having a festival themed wedding and a variety of tents and covered areas is also a great way to provide that all important shade or rain cover for a British summertime wedding.  It means you and your guests can still enjoy being outside whatever the weather.   A more traditional wedding venue such as a country house or a hotel would normally mean you would be completely inside if it’s wet, or solely outside if it’s dry – and wouldn’t know which until the day itself making planning more difficult.  A festival wedding gives you the flexibility to be able to prepare for anything – preventing the weather from having such an impact on your day.


Whatever your festival plans this summer, check out the huge variety of tent styles that are being used – you might feel inspired to hire something for your next big party or event!

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