Time to Plan your Garden Party!

The sun has come out for many of us and we are beginning to think (possibly prematurely) that summer is here, the BBQ is being de-spidered and the shorts are being un-crumpled from the back of the drawer – doesn’t everything look a tiny bit nicer in the sunshine?!

Doesn’t it just get you in the mood to have a get together with those that you love and like – food, drinks, good conversation and sunshine – it is a winning combination.

So what are you doing sitting here reading this – get planning – get thinking – get enquiring! It is time to organise a garden party!!!!

Everything you need for your little bash can be found on our site – www.marqueehireguide.com

Marquee / party tent – check!
Mobile cocktail bar man – check!
Caterers – check!
Hog roast – check!
Catering Equipment & furniture hire – check!

Do it – what have you got to lose!

To start the process – make your enquiries now, by clicking on our home page and choosing the product you want to hire.

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