What is the most popular reason for hiring a mobile bar?

As a sort of follow on from our last blog, which discussed the most popular reason to hire a marquee, we thought it might be interesting to see what the most popular reason was for people to hire a mobile bar – and what sort of events they are most commonly hired for.

Although our site is called marquee hire guide .com – we do have a number of different very popular sections, where you can search for local companies, or get quotes from these companies – things like loo hire, caterers, furniture hire, refrigerated trailer hire, etc etc. And we get literally 1000’s of enquiries across these sections each year. So we thought it would be a shame for our readers if we kept our statistical analysis solely to the marquee hire section!

fridge from a mobile bar

So below is an analysis of the types of events that we received mobile bar hire enquiries for during 2014.

Now, as you would probably imagine, it is a similar split to the hire of a marquees.

But with even more emphasis on weddings. Just over 51% of our mobile bar hire / mobile cocktail bar hire enquiries in 2014 were for weddings.

And a further 22% were for birthday parties.

Many of these events may well have been held in marquees – but a big percentage of them will also have been in other kinds of venues – ranging from hotels to castles to village halls.

So with 73% of the mobile bar / mobile cocktail bar hire enquiries we received in 2014 accounted for by weddings and birthdays – what were the rest of them hired for?

I imagine you can hardly bear the tension, waiting to hear what they were for. I bet, as you read this sentence, you are thinking “why is this sentence so long?” Why won’t that handsome author just tell us what other events mobile bars were hired for. I have to be honest and say I am beginning to wonder why this sentence is so long myself – and I am writing it!

Well, anyway, here is a selection of what other kinds of events people wanted to hire mobile bars for in 2014, via our website:

Hen parties – with an emphasis on the cocktail bar / cocktail masterclass
Anniversary parties
Garden parties
Sporting events (including World Cup Final parties)
Baby showers
Awards dinners
Charity events
Summer balls
Christmas parties
Corporate events
And many many more

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