Why Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors are the perfect addition to your Christmas Party

We’ve blogged about Photo Booths before (as we love them so much!) and talked about why they are so popular in general for all types of events, but now we want to talk about why they are so perfect for staff Christmas parties in particular. So what is the main attraction with Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors? Quite simply they are great fun! But there is more…

Hopefully your staff have been working hard all year and this is your chance to not only say ‘thank you’ and show your appreciation, but to also allow your team to let their hair down and have fun – Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors were made for this! If you keep it as a secret addition to the party this will also add an element of surprise and people will be even more intrigued and inclined to join in.

As well as being a fun festive treat for your teams, there are added bonuses for you as an employer as well. It is a great way to promote team building within the workforce, doing something memorable and possibly out of their comfort zones with their colleagues, will encourage good relationships and connections within your staff. They appeal to staff members of all ages which means nobody is being excluded and everyone is equally entertained.

Hiring a Photo Booth and Magic Mirrors for your staff party could also be a great business move! Some companies will allow you to brand the images, giving you the opportunity to promote your brand, both at the event and through the use of social media. From branded watermarks, to custom props and backdrops, guests will be posting, sharing, tagging and uploading their photos, which is instant exposure for your brand or business.

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