Winter Wonderland Wedding Venues

A winter wedding can have so many advantages to a summer wedding. As we all know, the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, to say the least, so is having a wedding during the winter months the answer to this age-old problem? Planning for wet and cold weather, or even snow from the start will eliminate any disasters that may occur had you planned for a warm dry day in the summer… as we all know, we can’t bank on the British Summertime!

Venues will be quieter on the whole out of the peak summer ‘wedding season’ so availability for a start will be better meaning you won’t have to take whatever dates they have free or wait for too long. If you think a marquee wedding is out of the question during winter, think again. Most marquee companies can provide adequate heating for the marquee to keep you and your guests toasty warm for the whole day through to the wee small hours if that’s what you have in mind.

Indirect Blower heaters are the most efficient form of heating for a marquee but other types of heating may also be available. Make sure you book these with the marquee provider at the time of your booking, don’t leave this to the last minute as they will be in high demand during the winter months!


As the nights draw in early in the winter, take advantage of this with a fireworks display to get your reception off in style. Rather than having to wait until the end of the night before the guests start to make their way home, this could be a real feature and even use it to kick-start the celebrations!

Take inspiration from nature for your decorating and go with deep colours, rich velvet, winter foliage and frosted glasses. A winter wonderland theme can be the inspiration and be the focal point for your colour schemes making the wedding really stand out from all those summer events.

Look for your winter wedding venue today with our helpful marquee hire page. The companies on our site have everything you’ll possibly need for a great marquee wedding. Get yourself a quote today.

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How big a Marquee do I need?

When planning your big day there are endless decisions you will have to make, which venue, what date, what style of wedding, who to invite, will you have entertainment, the list goes on! If you decide on a marquee wedding, the next thing you will need to decide on is what size marquee you will need. You might be wondering ‘how big a marquee do I need? Well, getting the size right for your wedding is important as it will hugely affect the atmosphere and ambiance of the day. You don’t want your guests to be crammed into a tiny marquee unable to move and yet you also do not want so much space it feels vast, empty and lacking in intimacy.

To get the size right, there are several questions you will need to ask yourself first; How many guests will be attending? What will the seating arrangement be and will you require space for a dance floor or a band? Do you need a service tent for the catering or space for a bar? Do you need a reception area at the entrance for guests to mingle, have a drink or check out the seating plan? All these elements will have an impact on what size marquee you require.

The style of marquee also needs to be considered when deciding on the size you require, are you looking for a traditional or a frame marquee? Or something more alternative like a Capri marquee or a tipi? Check out our page on alternative marquees for more examples and for loads of local marquee hire companies in your area.

The two most commonly used marquees are frame marquees and traditional marquees. A frame marquee does not need any additional space for guy ropes and as a rule, so long as you have the space available for the size of the structure you require, it will fit into the site. A traditional marquee can look a lot prettier but requires a space all around the outside in addition to its size, to allow for the ropes. Inside a traditional marquee, you will also need to allow for the poles when creating the internal layout, whereas a frame Marquee would leave a clear space throughout.

A good Marquee Hire company will be able to give you expert advice on the size you will need if you are able to provide them with enough information but to give you a rough idea, check out the marquee size guide table we’ve have created. Although not a definitive guide, will give you a good starting point to request some quotes.

marquee size guide - imperial and metric

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Event Bar Hire for Your Wedding

When it comes to organising the drinks for your big day, there are plenty of advantages to choosing an event bar hire for your wedding. Here are just some of our favourites.

You’ll enjoy drinks on tap

Forget trying to assess what drinks you’ll need for your guests and buying up all the bottles at your local cash and carry! With an event bar hire for your wedding, the drinks will flow. This is because your provider will be able to match your requirements with the number of guests that you have planning and organise the right bar stock accordingly – with plenty for thirsty revellers to enjoy.

You can customise it to a theme

Themed weddings are very popular and your wedding bar can also be customised to fit in with your look – whether that’s vintage, luxe, bohemian or modern. Your supplier will provide everything that you need for a wonderful bar which provides a real centrepiece for your wedding location.

Staff on hand

You’ll really benefit from having experienced and skilled bar staff on hand to man your wedding bar. The team will be able to accommodate your guests fully and ensure that they have quick service, a great experience and the drinks that they want. You might even want to have your own mixologists on hand if you’re keen for a cocktail bar!

A great guest experience for all

If you are having evening guests after your wedding ceremony, then they won’t feel left out of the proceedings to that point when they see your beautifully staffed, lit, designed and stocked bar ready and waiting! A ready drink is a helpful way to welcome your newly arriving guests and to help them to settle in and really enjoy themselves. Remember that your wedding event bar can be stocked with a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to suit all needs.

Something for every budget

When you look for an event bar hire for your wedding, you’ll find a number of suppliers available. We only work with tried and tested events companies who have a great reputation. Whatever your budget, we can find you the right wedding bar! Contact us to tell us what you are looking for and we will arrange a ready and rapid quote that will meet your needs.

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How to Build a Marquee Tent

If you’re looking to hire a marquee for your next event or special occasion, then you might be interested in how the structure is constructed to meet your specifications.

Want to Know How to Build a Marquee Tent?

The process can be complex and requires knowledge and experience. For example, we carry out a risk assessment before putting up your marquee so that we can be sure all health and safety procedures are followed. This is the first step.

The second step is to assess the foundation. When considering how to build a marquee tent, the team will work out whether pin holes need to be drilled into the surface to ensure the structural integrity of the marquee and to prevent any high winds or trips inside from posing a problem! They will then bring all of the marquee parts to the site and organise them to install in sequence.

Stage three is the build and the process of building a marquee is much like constructing a huge tent! Poles and canvas skins are used to build the marquee according to your specification, and sometimes ballast weights are added if the surface isn’t a pinnable one – for example, a cobbled area or paving slabs. The framework is first added and clipped into place – often made with aluminium linking poles – and then the canvas skin will be placed over the top using access equipment and ropes.

Stage four is to safety check everything and ensure that rain cannot enter the structure and that doorways and guide ropes are secure.

Useful Things to Know

Many of our customers choose to have their events on lawns, and that can make things easier when our team is planning how to build a marquee tent, but the initial assessment will confirm what is possible. Rest assured, it is possible to put a marquee up on most flat surfaces.

Sometimes marquees are even booked for days when the weather is likely to get cold, and your company will need to install heaters when there is snow whirling around! This is just a taster of the things that your marquee team needs to plan for when assessing how to build a marquee tent, along with access points, lighting, bars, tables and more.

Ready to find out more?

We are a one-stop shop and marquees from our providers suit all budgets, needs and group sizes. Our tried and tested providers can supply all of the extras that you need for an excellent event or party. Every marquee rental is bespoke to the group booking and we are pleased to put together quotes based on your exact needs.

To find out more or to have a chat about how marquees could help to make your next special occasion a success, please feel free to get in touch or make an enquiry today.

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Marquee Hire Guide were very pleased to be involved with a brand-new festival in Winchester earlier this summer called Winchestival.

We were very happy to support and advise this new festival and a massive percentage of the contractors and suppliers were companies listed on Marquee Hire Guide.

The festival was a huge success with over 3000 people visiting the day and seeing the likes of Eliza and the Bear, Richard Morris, Hal Cruttenden and Rachel Parris.

You can find everything and anything you could need to plan an amazing festival or outdoor event on our website directory – and you can easily compare prices and companies to get the supplier that suits you and your needs.

Whether you are looking for any kind of marquee, from a stretch tent to a traditional or toilets, generators, caterers or furniture hire – you can find suppliers across the UK on our website.

We will be advising and getting involved again next – so look out for details here:

festival photo montage - Winchestival

For event hire quote – check out our website –

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