How to Build a Marquee Tent

If you’re looking to hire a marquee for your next event or special occasion, then you might be interested in how the structure is constructed to meet your specifications.

Want to Know How to Build a Marquee Tent?

The process can be complex and requires knowledge and experience. For example, we carry out a risk assessment before putting up your marquee so that we can be sure all health and safety procedures are followed. This is the first step.

The second step is to assess the foundation. When considering how to build a marquee tent, the team will work out whether pin holes need to be drilled into the surface to ensure the structural integrity of the marquee and to prevent any high winds or trips inside from posing a problem! They will then bring all of the marquee parts to the site and organise them to install in sequence.

Stage three is the build and the process of building a marquee is much like constructing a huge tent! Poles and canvas skins are used to build the marquee according to your specification, and sometimes ballast weights are added if the surface isn’t a pinnable one – for example, a cobbled area or paving slabs. The framework is first added and clipped into place – often made with aluminium linking poles – and then the canvas skin will be placed over the top using access equipment and ropes.

Stage four is to safety check everything and ensure that rain cannot enter the structure and that doorways and guide ropes are secure.

Useful Things to Know

Many of our customers choose to have their events on lawns, and that can make things easier when our team is planning how to build a marquee tent, but the initial assessment will confirm what is possible. Rest assured, it is possible to put a marquee up on most flat surfaces.

Sometimes marquees are even booked for days when the weather is likely to get cold, and your company will need to install heaters when there is snow whirling around! This is just a taster of the things that your marquee team needs to plan for when assessing how to build a marquee tent, along with access points, lighting, bars, tables and more.

Ready to find out more?

We are a one-stop shop and marquees from our providers suit all budgets, needs and group sizes. Our tried and tested providers can supply all of the extras that you need for an excellent event or party. Every marquee rental is bespoke to the group booking and we are pleased to put together quotes based on your exact needs.

To find out more or to have a chat about how marquees could help to make your next special occasion a success, please feel free to get in touch or make an enquiry today.

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Marquee Hire Guide were very pleased to be involved with a brand-new festival in Winchester earlier this summer called Winchestival.

We were very happy to support and advise this new festival and a massive percentage of the contractors and suppliers were companies listed on Marquee Hire Guide.

The festival was a huge success with over 3000 people visiting the day and seeing the likes of Eliza and the Bear, Richard Morris, Hal Cruttenden and Rachel Parris.

You can find everything and anything you could need to plan an amazing festival or outdoor event on our website directory – and you can easily compare prices and companies to get the supplier that suits you and your needs.

Whether you are looking for any kind of marquee, from a stretch tent to a traditional or toilets, generators, caterers or furniture hire – you can find suppliers across the UK on our website.

We will be advising and getting involved again next – so look out for details here:

festival photo montage - Winchestival

For event hire quote – check out our website –

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Marquee Hire Guide .com turns ten years old!

Today, Marquee Hire Guide .com turns ten years old!

We are very proud to have been helping people to create wonderful events for a decade.

During that time we have passed just under 120,000 job enquiries to the companies that advertise with us, and had over 5 million page views.

Many of our advertisers have been with us since day one – in fact a couple of them signed up with us the day after we went live on February 27th 2007.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all of our advertisers and all of our users.

All the best,
The Marquee Hire Guide team

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Don’t Leave It Too Late!

A big celebration in the form of a summer event in a marquee or outside environment is something that people look forward to for months – be it a wedding or an anniversary event, a birthday celebration or a festival – and with expectation comes the need for organisation and planning.

With that in mind, you should remember that even with the additional day in February this year, March will still be upon next week. This means spring is around the corner (hooray) and summer won’t be far behind!

This time of year, event hire companies are filling up their books with “last minute” bookings for the summer months – if their books aren’t already full on some weekends – and because of this – you really need to get your finger out and get enquiring!!


The last thing you want to do is tell everyone you are going to invite, what sort of party you are going to have, only to not be able to get the suppliers you need to create the event you have in your mind’s eye.

And that is where we come in. You can find everything you want and need for the perfect summer celebration on – as well as local suppliers and an easy to use quote gaining system.

So why wait! Don’t delay – start making enquiries today!

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Christmas Dinner Planning

It is that time of the year again, Christmas lights are starting to appear, the John Lewis Christmas advert has already been on TV for a month and Iceland have started to promote their frozen Christmas food range. December must be around the corner!

From a personal point of view, you may have already started your Christmas shopping, decided for sure where the tree is going to go this year and confirmed with all of your guests that they are ok that you won’t be serving turkey this year.

But one thing you may not have quite worked out yet is where is everyone going to sit, and for that matter what are they going to sit on? Christmas is a time of great celebration – people getting together – eating, drinking and being merry. But you may have been a bit hasty inviting everyone to your place this year. But fear not, we at marquee hire guide .com have a solution for your lack of space / furniture / crockery / cutlery / cooking ability – hire it all in!

You can hire in a small marquee for extra space, furniture for your guests to sit on / at, crockery and cutlery so you don’t have to pour gravy straight on to the table, and even someone to do the cooking for you.

merry Christmas
No obligation quotes for all of these things and more are available by clicking on our home page – choosing the service you want a quote for – and clicking on the “make an enquiry” button.

Why wait – click here to make enquiries today.

Make your Christmas hassle free – make it a marquee hire guide Christmas!

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