Why Clearspan Marquees are so durable and perfect for any event

Tectonics UK are one of the leading manufacturers of clearspan marquees – and using their “Multispan” product as an example, we can see why modern marquees are ideal for any event.

Multispans are made from 3m long bays which means they can be any size as long as it is in multiples of 3m and therefore are able to suit almost any event.  They can also be adapted to create a unique look; for example, incorporating a curved roof, high tip ends, peaked roof or a bell shape on one end.   Clearspan Marquees can also be split up with internal walls/linings meaning the product is extremely flexible in its usage. They can even be linked to buildings with integrated walkways meaning they are perfect for any time of year.

Multispan covers are made from the highest quality 650g/m² PVC which are available in a range of colours making it versatile as well as practical and walls can be made with or without windows.  The roofs can either be tensioned with cord and hooks or with bars using a steel tension rail.  Either method will provide strength and durability depending on your needs.  You can also get perfectly level flooring, made to measure for clearspan marquees.

Multispan frames are made from high-grade 4-channel aluminium extrusions with galvanised steel connections which means they are extra strong and durable and have a much longer lifespan than other marquees and structures.

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Marquees: Not Just For Weddings


When you think of Marquees, weddings are often the first things that spring to mind.  However, Marquees are incredibly versatile spaces and can be used for a wide range of different events and occasions.

Marquees can be suitable for almost anything.  There is now so much choice to be had on flooring, décor, heating and lighting that a marquee can be transformed for any occasion and at times if that’s what you want, you may not even feel like you are in a marquee at all.  The advances in technology and the design of marquees have also increased their potential. As opposed to traditional marquees, framed structures do not require ropes which means they can be installed in smaller spaces and have a much more modern feel than the traditional marquee.

Marquees are now popular for all kinds of corporate events, parties, Christmas events such as Christmas markets and covered ice rinks like the one here at Winchester Cathedral Christmas market.

This clear-roofed structure allows you to see the stunning backdrop of the Cathedral as well as the beautiful clear winter night sky.

image 1


The style of your marquee can completely change the feel of the event, a traditional marquee may give the feel of a wedding but if you go for something completely alternative such as a Yurt, Tipi, Wigwam, Stretch tent, Big top or Capri Marquee, the event can be completely transformed into whatever you want it to be.  Check out the alternative marquee hire section on our website for more ideas and a huge list of suppliers in your area.

Stretch tents and Capri marquees can be great for providing shade or shelter from the rain at outdoor events without the full coverage of a full marquee.  This can be a very welcome addition to a barbeque or party or any outdoor event which has to contend with the ever unpredictable British weather.


19m Octabar  15x15m-minImage: courtesy of The Stretch Tent Company

FenPartyLowRes-23_Resized-minImage: courtesy of The Stretch Tent Company

With the rise in popularity of ‘glamping’ small yurts can be hired to accommodate guests for any event,  even if the event itself has been held inside.  Providing a higher level of luxury and comfort that your standard camping in pop up tents, yurts also look fantastic and can be decorated and dressed to suit any event.

So whatever your event and whatever the season, a Marquee or alternative Marquee could be the perfect solution.


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Choosing a wedding photographer

Congratulations! You’ve just got engaged, wedding plans are in full swing, budgets agreed (eek) and the date set.

There is so much to think about and so many costs mounting up you might be tempted to just pick any photographer or to go for the cheapest one… but let me tell all you brides to be out there, having been there myself, do not skimp on the photographer! It may seem like a small insignificant detail now but believe me, 7 years down the line it is hard to remember every detail…

All those little small details you painstakingly planned, like how the marquee was decorated and the gifts were placed in a vintage suitcase, or like making jam for wedding favours or sourcing pretty little birdcages for the tables (or is that just me?). These details felt like the most important things in the world in the lead up to your big day, but the photos… they are what you are left with and what will shape the memories you have of the day and be the window into your wedding for future generations to come… so I am telling you now, they are so important!

It goes without saying that you need to be sensible and stick to a realistic budget, but my advice would be to go spend as much as you comfortably can and if you need to make cutbacks elsewhere, do that instead. That’s not to say that the most expensive photographers will be guaranteed to be the best. It’s important that you pick the right one for you.


You need to decide on the style of wedding photography you want and find one that suits you and your partner.

The most popular styles of wedding photography are:

  • Traditional – which is quite posed and features less spontaneous images. These can be quite formal rather than natural but can be useful to ensure you get all the group photos you want taken and people don’t get missed!
  • Classical – this is very staged with shots being set up in great detail and lit to perfection. The result can be stunning but can be quite time consuming and may eat into your day quite significantly.
  • Photojournalistic or reportage – a much more relaxed approach where the photographer captures your day as it happens and aims to candidly record events.
  • Artistic – this isn’t so much style of photography, more the type of end result you will be left with. It could mean the addition of props or could be what the photographer does with them in the editing stage with effects or colours.

Enjoy doing your research and getting some inspiration. My last piece of advice would be, when you’ve made a shortlist of photographers, speak to them, meet with them and choose someone you get on with and you are comfortable spending time with. It will be one of the best and most important days of your life, you want to surround yourself with people you like!

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Winter Wonderland Wedding Venues

A winter wedding can have so many advantages to a summer wedding. As we all know, the weather in the UK can be unpredictable, to say the least, so is having a wedding during the winter months the answer to this age-old problem? Planning for wet and cold weather, or even snow from the start will eliminate any disasters that may occur had you planned for a warm dry day in the summer… as we all know, we can’t bank on the British Summertime!

Venues will be quieter on the whole out of the peak summer ‘wedding season’ so availability for a start will be better meaning you won’t have to take whatever dates they have free or wait for too long. If you think a marquee wedding is out of the question during winter, think again. Most marquee companies can provide adequate heating for the marquee to keep you and your guests toasty warm for the whole day through to the wee small hours if that’s what you have in mind.

Indirect Blower heaters are the most efficient form of heating for a marquee but other types of heating may also be available. Make sure you book these with the marquee provider at the time of your booking, don’t leave this to the last minute as they will be in high demand during the winter months!


As the nights draw in early in the winter, take advantage of this with a fireworks display to get your reception off in style. Rather than having to wait until the end of the night before the guests start to make their way home, this could be a real feature and even use it to kick-start the celebrations!

Take inspiration from nature for your decorating and go with deep colours, rich velvet, winter foliage and frosted glasses. A winter wonderland theme can be the inspiration and be the focal point for your colour schemes making the wedding really stand out from all those summer events.

Look for your winter wedding venue today with our helpful marquee hire page. The companies on our site have everything you’ll possibly need for a great marquee wedding. Get yourself a quote today.

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How big a Marquee do I need?

When planning your big day there are endless decisions you will have to make, which venue, what date, what style of wedding, who to invite, will you have entertainment, the list goes on! If you decide on a marquee wedding, the next thing you will need to decide on is what size marquee you will need. You might be wondering ‘how big a marquee do I need? Well, getting the size right for your wedding is important as it will hugely affect the atmosphere and ambiance of the day. You don’t want your guests to be crammed into a tiny marquee unable to move and yet you also do not want so much space it feels vast, empty and lacking in intimacy.

To get the size right, there are several questions you will need to ask yourself first; How many guests will be attending? What will the seating arrangement be and will you require space for a dance floor or a band? Do you need a service tent for the catering or space for a bar? Do you need a reception area at the entrance for guests to mingle, have a drink or check out the seating plan? All these elements will have an impact on what size marquee you require.

The style of marquee also needs to be considered when deciding on the size you require, are you looking for a traditional or a frame marquee? Or something more alternative like a Capri marquee or a tipi? Check out our page on alternative marquees for more examples and for loads of local marquee hire companies in your area.

The two most commonly used marquees are frame marquees and traditional marquees. A frame marquee does not need any additional space for guy ropes and as a rule, so long as you have the space available for the size of the structure you require, it will fit into the site. A traditional marquee can look a lot prettier but requires a space all around the outside in addition to its size, to allow for the ropes. Inside a traditional marquee, you will also need to allow for the poles when creating the internal layout, whereas a frame Marquee would leave a clear space throughout.

A good Marquee Hire company will be able to give you expert advice on the size you will need if you are able to provide them with enough information but to give you a rough idea, check out the marquee size guide table we’ve have created. Although not a definitive guide, will give you a good starting point to request some quotes.

marquee size guide - imperial and metric

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