Terms and Conditions For Users

MarqueeHireGuide.com Terms and Conditions for Users

User – refers to individuals and companies using MarqueeHireGuide.com Advertisers – refers to the companies listed on MarqueeHireGuide.com

Our site is for directory purposes only.

While using MarqueeHireGuide .com you may access third-party websites via links on our results pages. These third-party websites are not under the control of MarqueeHireGuide.com and MarqueeHireGuide.com is not responsible for the contents or availability of these third-party sites.

We do not endorse or represent any of the third-parties sites that are linked to via MarqueeHireGuide.com or the advertisers listed, and any agreements / contracts that the user makes with any of the advertisers is between the user and the advertiser and is not in any way related to MarqueeHireGuide .com

“Standard” results pages are sorted in a random order – and no company is prioritised over another.

MarqueeHireGuide.com is not to be used for:

  1. any unlawful purpose;
  2. harming, threatening, abusing or hassling another person,
  3. creating or amending your own or someone else's database or directory
  4. contacting companies via marketing activity
  5. anything that is detrimental to MarqueeHireGuide.com
  6. any automated or non automated means of copying the website’s content

The website is used at the users own risk