Alternative Tent Hire

A number of different styles of tent and event structures are available for hire all across the UK for your special event and you can use this section of our website to find a supplier near you.

This section of Marquee Hire Guide predominantly groups together the following types of structure under the umbrella title “Alternative Tent Hire”; Yurts, Tipis, Wigwams, Stretch Tents, Big Tops, Bedouin Tents, Moghul Tents, and Capri Marquees.

All of these structures can be used in a huge array of situations. Read below for a small description of each style of tent.


A Yurt is a portable, traditionally felt covered structure – originally used in central Asia as a dwelling for a family. There are a now a number of companies that hire these stunning tents in different sizes for events like weddings, parties, education and more.


Conical in shape, Tipis (or Teepees) can offer an extraordinary setting for your event. Tipis come in a range of sizes and can, in some cases, be co-joined together to form a larger space.


Wigwams are often associated with Tipis and Native Americans, but are actually a slightly different structure to the cone-shaped Tipi that people think of.

Stretch Tents

Originating from South Africa stretch tents are made from an extremely strong, totally waterproof and amazingly stretchy material.

These freestyle structures are architecturally stunning and flexible enough to fit any area, to any size, cover uneven ground or even become part of a building.

They can be configured in countless ways.

Big Tops

The Big Top, Colourful marquee or circus tent can make a real statement for your event. Often coming in striped coloured fabric, these tents are generally oval or round.

These structures can come in a range of sizes from small to huge and are suitable for all kinds of events.

Capri Marquees

Capri Marquees have a modern spacious design with sweeping lines, making for a dramatically different marquee. Available in a variety of sizes to fit most gardens, the Capri’s have the added advantage of being able to be linked together giving flexibility in numbers and helping to make larger events still feel intimate.

If the party or Wedding is being held in a beautiful setting the Capri marquee is an ideal way of bringing the garden into the marquee.