Keeping your guests refreshed with drinks and alcohol at your event is a very important consideration. Some venues will have a bar on site but in many situations you will need to hire a mobile bar.

One of the best things about a mobile bar is the flexibility it can provide you with. This could be anything from the size of the bar, the types of drinks offered, the look and style of the bar as well as the number of staff serving guests.

Mobile bars for hire can be set up in your house, your garden, in marquees and all sorts of venues. They can even be set up in addition to a venue's existing bar - to add extra options for your guests.

The hire company should employ well trained staff to work behind their bar, to help your event run smoothly.

As a general rule, there are two main options when you hire a bar - a free bar or pay bar.

A free bar is where the party host pays for all of the drinks and the bar staff serve drinks to guests without taking payment from them.

A pay bar is where the guests pay for their own drinks - like at a pub.

The bar supplier should also provide the glasses, the ice and the means by which the drinks will be kept cold and the glasses will be kept clean.

Some companies may also offer you the option to just hire the bar allowing you to provide your own drinks and bar staff.

Questions to ask

The following questions are things you may want to ask your company when making an initial enquiry.

How many staff will be serving at your event?
Do you have sample drinks menus available?
How long does it take to set the bar up?
Do you have public liability insurance?
Do you need a licence?


Due to licensing laws, you may need a licence for your mobile bar. The hire company should be able to sort this out for you but make sure you ask them about this when making your initial enquiry.