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We are Best in Tents (and aim to be!) – a Kentish company which has been active and growing for the past 26 years.

Marquees are the ideal place to celebrate a wedding, birthday party or christening, business, trade or sporting event, or any other use you have in mind, and with out different sizes and styles, can suit any occasion.

We are firmly established in Southern England and provide marquees across Kent, Sussex, London, Surrey and East Anglia.

We are dedicated to providing an excellent service. We are thorough and efficient with a creative flair and much experience. But above all, we listen to you and work with you, from first phone call to the arrival of the first guest.

Our Marquees:

We have several styles of mar quees, linings, flooring, lighting, furniture etc.

Our marquees can suit any situation, open and cool in the summer, lined and heated in the winter, you are sure to be comfortable any time of year, in any English weather.

Our marquees and linin gs are designed with safety in mind; all are flame retardant to BS 5438 as well as European and US standards.

One of us would be very glad to pay you a site visit at any time, to establish the best place for the marquee and to discuss everything in d etail with you, whenever would be convenient.