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Welcome to Classic Chambers

Classic Chambers provides exclusive loos to events across the north of England. We appreciate how important your event is to you and your intention for everything to be perfect. We take pride in being considered a very friendly and approachablecompany, whilst providing a most reliable, efficient and professional service. We have extensive experience in supplying luxury toilets for a broad range of event type and size, ranging from small private parties and weddings thro ugh to prestigiouscorporate functions and sporting events.

The WC2 Range

The WC2 range consists of high class vacuum flush loo trailers available in various sizes and formats that are suitable for most events where comfort and convenience are the utmost priority. The loos are finished to a very high standard and comecomplete with fine toiletries, hot running water, automatic air fresheners, framed prints on the walls, large mirrors, recessed ceiling lights and much more. 

WC3 – VIP Range

This is a radically different approach to mobile loos and it is targeted at those who require something extraordinary. We are confident that WC3 is the finest range of portable loos available anywhere.

Underlying WC3 is the latest vacuum technology using a freshwater flush system, free of any chemicals and only requiring 0.5l of water per flush. This makes it an environmentally sustainable, clean and fresh approach to mobile loos. With every flushthe air is changed in the WC cubicle eliminating the need for deodorisers of any sort. WC3 continues with a totally fresh approach to the interior design too. As much an art gallery on wheels as a mobile washroom.

All of the WC3 facilities offer flat screen TV’s and sound systems integrated into the design.

In organising your event there can be a lot to think about and with simplicity in mind WC3 can arrive in one of the event ready schemes that our designers have crafted for maximum effect.

Designed For Any Occasion

We have experience in providing loos for a multitude of different events. From weddings and private celebrations through to corporate launch parties and sporting events, we can deliver a package that exceeds your expectations.

We always ensure that you have the right product for your event. The type of event, its scale and duration all affect the type and number of loos required. We discuss your requirements in advance and provide a recommendation that we believe is rightfor your event. Every event is different but some are more different than others!

Unlike other companies we are happy to customise the loos down to an extraordinary level of detail.

Attendant Service

We are also able to provide an attendant service in order to keep the loos in pristine condition throughout your event. The attendant service is available to give you additional peace of mind that everything will be taken care of leaving you to enjoythe occasion.