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The team at The Fireworks Firm Ltd have been bringing safe and exciting firework displays to a wide range of wedding, social and corporate events since 1991. 

Today our company is riding the crest of a wave where the popularity of firework di splays continues onwards and upwards!

We do things differently, we are unique and creative designs are our speciality - we think outside the box and achieve truly memorable results. No other firework company of our scale dedicates itself entirely to fireworks.

With 2012 in full swing, our expert team is on hand to help you organise outstanding displays including The Royal Jubilee celebrations and the arrival of The Olympics Games.

We believe it is possible to create EXTRAORDINARY results on any budget.

Absolutely Fabulous Fireworks - Professional display packages start from £400+VAT.

Brilliant Fireworks - DIY packages start from £99.99

The Fireworks Firm Ltd is fully accredited by the British Pyrotechnics As sociation (BPA).

Direct communication is always best so that we can understand your requirements and provide you with the best quote to suit your budget.

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