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Best Man Speech Advice: Tips for a Memorable Wedding Toast

So, you’ve been bestowed with the prestigious title of the best man. Congratulations! Alongside planning the ultimate stag do and ensuring the groom doesn’t misplace the rings, you’ve got one more critical task: delivering a killer best man speech.

Top best man speech advice

It’s not just about filling airtime between courses; it’s about celebrating your best buddy and adding a touch of entertainment to the wedding festivities. Done right, your speech can leave the audience roaring with laughter, shedding tears of joy, and applauding your impeccable wit (and timing). Follow our best man speech advice to make your mark.


First things first: Prepare - winged best man speeches rarely soar. Take time to reflect on your friendship with the groom. Recall hilarious escapades, heartwarming moments, and anything else that showcases his best (and maybe slightly embarrassing) qualities.


Start with a warm greeting and introduce yourself. Remember, not everyone knows who you are or why you’re important enough to speak. Then, dive into the meaty bits: anecdotes! Share a funny or heartwarming story—emphasis on funny. Keep it clean, though; remember Grandma’s in the audience.

Dos and Don’ts:

Do: Be funny but respectful. This isn’t an open mic night at the comedy club.

Don’t: Wing it. Seriously, write it down. You’ll thank us later.

Do: Practice your delivery. Timing is everything, folks.

Don’t: Roast the groom. A light tease is fine, but leave the heavy artillery at home.

The Punchline:

Lastly, end with a heartfelt toast to the newlyweds. Raise your glass, wish them a lifetime of happiness, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Bonus points if you manage to slip in a pun or two—just don’t overdo it.

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